TechXV presentation

TechXV meets all your needs for analysis of tactics and sports results

Precise, easy to use, and upgradable.
Evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your opponents’.
Chart your players’ progress and improve your sports management.


Editing events quickly

video anlysis

Decrypt actions

statistics analysis

Study the key figures for a match, team or player

data sharing

Share your analysis work easily


Optimize team monitoring


Save time picking out match events!

The rules of the game are incorporated in this ready-to-use interface, making it simple, quick and reliable.
Entering match data is made easy thanks to the interface, which is adapted to every situation of the game.


Look at match events in detail!

Prepare your video session in just a few clicks with quick access to information such as performance in attack/defence, the application of game plans, and your opponents’ game.


Study key match and key player statistics!

Numbers speak for themselves – back up your team talks and meetings with intelligent and appropriate statistics.



Share your analyses easily with others!

Export your PDF reports, your statistics to MS Excel and share your video files with other TechXV users.


Optimise team monitoring!

For team and player management, TechXV provides an intelligent support to help you make important decisions.


5 editions tailored to your requirements

There are 5 editions of TechXV, each one adapted for different requirements. Whatever your level, your needs or your budget, you will find the right version for you.

Prestigious references

Tech XV  has convinced many french teams, among them several France champions.

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